Bottom of the Pyramid

The idea of the Bottom of the Pyramid movement targets the implementation of functioning business models in such areas, frequently involving modern technological innovations.


Nicolas Chevrollier Knowledge and Information Manager at BoP Inc

The Bottom of the Pyramid represents the members of the largest, however poorest socioeconomic group. This economic discrepancy demonstrates the unequal distribution of economic goods, trade and growth, allowing for well-established economies in Western societies to prosper, while developing countries - primarily to be found in Asian, African and South American areas - do not benefit from such economic development. In factual terms, this ascribes to approximately 4.5 billion people worldwide who earn 8$ - if even - a day. What social entrepreneurships such as the BoP Innovation Center focus on, is to re-distribute developmental growth and make it accessible to this poor majority of people, allowing them to own and manage their own businesses. The 4.5 billion represent prospective customers, suppliers and retail partners, making up for a great potential for growth and development.

BoP - Who they are and what they do

BoP Innovation Center, founded in 2010 and based in Utrecht, targets the provision of access to networks, new knowledge as well as information about available funding schemes. One of their aims is to allocate private sectors who are willing to engage within the 'Bottom of the Pyramid' market, that is, making use of underutilized productive sectors in underdeveloped and developing countries. Through the cooperation with strategic partners such as private sector organizations, governments, investors NGOs and knowledge institutes such as universities, BoP has formed the BoPInc Alliance. This way, they can stay in close contact with all contributors and clients who help promoting inclusive businesses.

An Interview with the BoP Senior Program Manager, Nicolas Chevrollier:

Upon request, Nicolas Chevrollier, who is currently active as the Knowledge and Innovation Manager for BoP, was open for giving an interview.

This enthusiasm is not to be taken for granted, yet relatively easy to explain: He and his team already began to acknowledge the vast potential of underutilized productive sectors in underdeveloped or developing countries back in 2010, when the Bottom of the Pyramid initiative was founded. There, it is his specific aim to initiate, build and nurture partnerships with possible industrial partners, international organizations, public authorities as well as social entrepreneurs, in order to promote market driven pro-poor innovation strategies. By means of establishing partnerships, BoP achieves a broader context of scaling procedures, establishing economic footprints - through relatively large and sophisticated companies - , understanding the dynamics of individual markets - in collaboration with non-for-profit organizations - as well as gathering new knowledge and receiving innovative input - via co-operational Universities.