The power of OFoundation is collaboration

OFoundation has at present appeared over 2 million times in search engine Google. This contributes to the spread of our vision, with which we prove that development can occur sustainably. Additionally, we have attracted more than 200 volunteers, who help us realize our projects. They have organized events, participated in running competitions, and shot films to raise awareness of our vision.


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Are you the sporty type and do you want to contribute to sustainability?

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Would you like to organize a social responsible event of any kind that supports a good cause?

OFoundation was one of the first to sign the new Sustainable Development Agenda. This 2030 Agenda consists of 169 target goals and is contained in the United Nations Resolution. Together with the UN and other sustainability-oriented organisations, OFoundation wants to contribute to the successful implementation of these Development Goals.  Titled "Transforming our World", these goals mutually aim at creating a healthier environment for everyone to live in. This includes the eradication of poverty and hunger, the promotion of health and education as well as investing more in water sanitation systems and renewable enegery. To learn more about the SDGs, click here. 

Pitch Event Circular Development Challenge

The Pitch Event for the CDC was a great success, many participants attended to introduce their promising Business Plans for Micro Franchise Projects in different countries. We are proud to announce the following winners: Western Girls Training Center in Ghana, APPA menstrual kits in Burkino Faso and Web Developers International in Nepal. We will support each of the three nominees with what they need to prepare themselves for the last round, the Partin-Dag coming up in December this year. There, they will get the opportunity to attract investors and meet other interested parties.

Festival Mundial

More than 10 participants.

More than 10.000 people reached on the festival.

More than 20.000 on Facebook.

Yoga & Meditation

60 participant

More than 5.000 people reached on Facebook

Dance event in the WesterUnie

More than 10 acts.

More than 550 visitors.

More than 120.000 people reached on Facebook.

Crowdfunding Campain

More than 30 participants.

More than €5.700 raised.

More than 300.000 people reached on Facebook.

Small festival 'Amsterdam Roest

More than 25 activities

More than 500 visitors

More than 110.000 people reached on Facebook.

Ofoundation Runs

More than 60 participants, location Amsterdamse Bos & the Vondelpark.

About 5.000 people reached.

About 5.000 people reached.

Campaign: Change The System

More than 5.000 views.

More than 150.000 people reached.

150 participants.