Our history

Over the years, OFoundation has developed from a center for economic development aid to the multifaceted platform we are today. What remained the same over this period is the involvement of young visionaries. From all over the Netherlands, including from the University of Amsterdam, University of Utrecht, University College Amsterdam, University Tilburg, Radboud University Nijmegen, and Hogeschool Amsterdam, young- professionals have contributed to our concept. Most of our members and alumni are under 25 and they develop and carry out our projects.

In its original form, OFoundation was formed around the concept of microfranchising. We aimed to understand the practice of this promising concept and even aimed to conduct our own project. This project has evolved into what is the ‘Circular Development Challenge’ today. That process proved to be an incredible educational experience. Not only did it improve our understanding of development aid and stimulating an economy, but the welcoming development community taught us how much is possible if you have a well organized idea and committed members.

Over the years, people with a wide array of different backgrounds contributed their ideas to the existing concept, and expanded OFoundation. The newly developed models, based on the ideas of our young members, have been presented to successful entrepreneurs, spiritual and societal leaders, CEOs and leading NGOs. Their support and valuable advice, together with the fresh visions of our young-professionals, were the motor behind our growth.

To this day, we operate with close regards to these expert opinions, and their involvement allows for a professional environment where young- professionals are encouraged to put their ideas into practice.