AI Developer

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AI Developer

"You have to find ways to learn something new everyday, Spoon feeding doesn't exist in real life."

While browsing the internet one day, I stumbled upon the OFoundation website, the job description for AI developer piqued my interest, so I applied. After a three stage interview process, I was hired for the internship and began working right away. The experienced I gained from the Internship was worth it. The work made me more efficient, more skilled ; since you can trust only your work, and that's the only thing you would be accountable for. Furthermore, I learnt alot through problem solving. I successfully submitted my first AI project with all the functionalties. 


MWLC BV based in Utrecht develops software for real-world autonomous driving based on an innovative operating principle. MWLC is a young company with an experienced team. We believe it is important to work on solutions that contribute to a sustainable society. We want passionate and self-driven individuals with a real strive for improving themselves – who will enjoy learning to work with hardware along with software development in a  dynamic and creative environment where they can try new things and be themselves.

Join us now to expand your skills, learn new ones, and work in a real work environment with a global outreach.

What does the internship include?

Web Development:

  • Programming AI - Building a self driving robot

  • Service management

  • Robot Management

  • Software Implementation and Development

  • develop the artificial intelligence software and applications for business use


We are looking for a  talented AI Developer to join us.

You bring:

  • demonstrable experience in software architecture and development

  • desire for challenges

  • attention to details

Knowledge of:

  • Docker

  • HTML/CSS/JavScript

  • Python

  • Linux

  • Technology used:

  • Gstreamer

  • Balena

  • Zerotier / Wireguard

  • I2C

  • Raspberry Pi

  • Nvidia Jetson

  • Pytorch

What we offer you

  • The internship is 100 euro per month; 
  • Erasmus+ grant, (we are a registered Erasmus+ company and able to apply with your University).
  • Unlimited Courses about Online Marketing (exclusive paid cutting edge training).
  • Unlimited access to Management and business books summaries.
  • Complete training about Amazon marketplaces.
  • Personally trained and coached by an experienced colleague.
  • Attending Seminars / Events related to your work. 
  • An exciting environment to express your passion and talents, develop your skills.
  • An opportunity to contribute to a start-up company, grow personally and professionally.
  • You will be crucial in the expansion of our products.
  • A chance to set a goal for your personal development and tools to start your journey to self-actualization.



  • Willing to work with the organisation after internship (Long term Contract 1-2 years)

  • EU Citizen preferebly Ukrainians/Internationals who can work legally in the netherlands

  • Bachelor's degree is a must (Minimum qualification)

  • All communication is done in English, knowledge of Dutch, German, French, or Chinese is an advantage.

  • Full-time work 40 hours a week

  • Driving ambition to live and build a life in the Netherlands.

  • Eligible for Erasmus+ Traineeship

  • Knowledge of Full stack developing  is a plus



    6 Months internship, full time, with flexible starting dates based on your university’s schedule. Our compensation is 100  Euro per month but we are a registered Erasmus+ organization and all interns in Europe can apply for the highest monthly grant through their University. 

  • Exciting environment

    Our office is the perfect place in which to express your passion, talents and develop your skills. We combine the essence of a corporate company with the spirit of a startup and don’t forget: both Foreign and Dutch speakers are welcome to join the team!


    You will get the opportunity to develop in the fields you find interesting. As an OFoundation trooper, you will be invited to several self growth workshops and Amazon training events. Applying for your internship means to both learn from us and to help define and shape the next growth steps of our organization.