Life in Utrecht

Life In Utrecht

Life in Utrecht harmonizes historic charm with modern convenience. As one of the Netherlands' four largest cities, it presents amenities sans overwhelming crowds. In contrast to bustling Amsterdam, Utrecht showcases a picturesque old town and a lively cultural scene, complete with historic canals and bustling cafes.

Utrecht thrives as an e-commerce hub, leveraging its central location for seamless access to Schengen countries. Discover Utrecht's ideal blend of old-world beauty and contemporary ease, catering to both business and leisure travelers alike.


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Navigating Utrecht offers numerous alternatives, from owning a car to public transport and, of course, bicycles. We suggest honing your biking skills before arrival, as bikes serve as the primary mode of transport for 8 out of 10 Utrecht residents in this city built for bikes and people, not cars! You can opt to purchase a second-hand bike or conveniently rent one through SwapFiets.

City Vibes

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You'll never tire of Utrecht! Upon arrival, you'll instantly feel welcomed and at ease. Prepare to be impressed by the warmth and helpfulness of its residents. An added bonus is the widespread proficiency in English, ensuring ease of communication for all. There's no need to hesitate to ask for assistance or clarification, whether in a shop or on the streets, fostering a supportive atmosphere. These qualities contribute to Utrecht's reputation as an exceptional place to reside. Alongside its friendly inhabitants, Utrecht hosts a plethora of exciting events, including art week, gay pride, vibrant bars, and lively clubs, with the summer study start weeks being particularly memorable. Expect nothing short of a fantastic time when reveling in Utrecht's nightlife scene.

How to find a place to live

Utrecht stands out as one of the Netherlands' most sought-after student cities, yet securing accommodation can pose a significant challenge, as many universities don't guarantee dormitories. However, don't despair! We strongly advise you (based on our experience) to promptly engage with housing platforms like Facebook groups. Additionally, explore resources like the website, which has been instrumental in aiding countless international arrivals in Utrecht. Rest assured, our team is committed to assisting you in finding your ideal living space, as that's the ethos of our company. Moreover, if you undertake an internship with us, you'll gain access to our exclusive contacts and invaluable tips to expedite your room search directly with landlords.



Situated in the heart of the Netherlands, Utrecht boasts easy access to major cities like Amsterdam, just a 25-minute train ride away. With excellent highway and train connections, Utrecht caters to your every need. Summer in Utrecht is vibrant, with locals flocking to canal-side restaurants to bask in the sunshine.

Explore Utrecht's charming streets adorned with cozy cafes and welcoming bars offering outdoor seating. Don't overlook the majestic Dom Tower, a symbol of the city's rich history. Seek tranquility in the city parks or journey through time at the enchanting Castle de Haar.

Utrecht offers a myriad of experiences, ensuring a memorable visit filled with history, culture, and natural beauty.



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When I got accepted to do an internship in Utrecht, I enthusiastically took the offer and was not discouraged by the fact that finding accommodation in this city is difficult. Iā€™m also one of those for whom Holland2Stay has saved my stay in Utrecht. It is important not to give up because the effort when looking for accommodation is worth it and Utrecht returned it to me with everyday beautiful views of the historic city and an incredible atmosphere.

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Moving to Utrecht and starting my internship with OFoundation is one of the greatest decisions I ever made! In the office and in the city you're surrounded by young ambitious professionals that challenge you to reach your highest level every day!

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Located in the heart of the Schengen zone, The Netherlands provides easy and swift connections to 10s of cities and countries within the European Continent

Award Winning

Utrecht is among the best places to live in the Netherlands and the Netherlands is one of the best countries to live. The people here are happy and so will you.

Standard of living

With an 81.11 cost of living index score, Utrecht offers as much as Amsterdam at a lower cost of living with the same level of international exposure