The Circular Development Challenge

The Circular Development Challenge is organized by OFoundation to investigate the possibilities for microfranchising as a scaling model for NGOs. We seek successful SMEs that are ready for an investment, and which are willing to use the microfranchise model to scale up. The SMEs with the biggest potential will have the chance to receive an investment by a financial risk bearing partner.

Digital Dari Dictionary

The Digital Dari Dictionary is an online collection of thousands of words that were translated by native Afghans, our contributors (Learn more about them below). Together with their help, we have developed a database that can be openly accessed by anyone, including all members of the Afghan community. This tool can be especially useful for those who still practice one of the traditional Persian Languages – Dari. OFoundation has noticed that there are already existing Afghan Dictionaries, however they often fail to include the original form of the Dari Language.

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Personal Delivery Robot

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At OFoundation, we believe in the combination of social impact and innovative technology. Together with MWCL we developed an autonomous personal delivery robot to ensure people their safety.

OFoundation Sponsorship

OFoundation is proud to be an officially registered sponsor within the Family Development Service. We want to be at the forefront of ensuring a quality education to children of low-income families, epecially in third world countries such as India.

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Helping Families in Afghanistan

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OFoundation, has been a leading charity in Afghanistan for the past few years, with the aim to ensure the safety of families in crisis situations and help children grow healthy, educated and safe.

OFoundation Chat Psychologist AI

OFoundation pioneers AI innovation for mental well-being, offering a groundbreaking chatbot supporting those with psychological challenges, providing guidance and comfort.

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