Java Developer/Entrepreneur for EMDR App



We are looking for a Java Software Developer with a passion to get the most out of solving complex problems and make our software - the EMDR App - even better from our office in Utrecht.

Furthermore, you will receive financial benefits through a vesting model. This means you will start working as a trainee for the first 6 months to learn about the software and all essential business processes. After that, you will be a full member of the team.

EMDR therapy (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) is used to cure trauma effects.

The EMDR Meeting app is one of the most used apps for EMDR 2.0 treatments in the Netherlands. There are already 1000+ practitioners connected.

Furthermore, the EMDR program is continuously developed, and we help you to keep the practical knowledge about functionalities and specifications up to date.

Our international customers place high demands on our product in terms of safety, stability, scalability, perfomance, and security. To make this happen, we need your analytical skills, creativity, ability to collaborate, and passion.

For further information have a look at our website:


  • Strong coding/debugging: Knowledge in Java and hands-on experience is required.
  • Java: requirement engineering, design, implementation, testing and integration.
  • Demonstrated work experience or interest in Java software development.
  • Familiar with common Java libraries such as Spring Boot, Liquibase.
  • Being in charge of developing substantive inputs and analyses to the development, delivery, and assessment of work programs.
  • Enthusiastic for learning, improving, and developing your personality.
  • A burning passion for online business and start-ups.
  • Have a pleasing personality and be willing to take responsibility.

What we offer you

Vesting conditions:

  • The vesting period is 3 years (including internship phase)
  • Benefit: significant ownership of the EMDR app and share of profit generated by the app.

Further offers:

  • The traineeship is 100 euro per month; moreover, we are a registered Erasmus+ organization, and all trainees in Europe can apply for the Erasmus Funding through their university.
  • An exciting environment to express your passion and talents, develop your skills.
  • An opportunity to contribute to a start-up company, grow personally and professionally.
  • You will be crucial in the expansion of our products.
  • A unique opportunity to learn from us and shape the next growth steps of our organization.
  • Unlimited courses about online marketing (exclusive paid cutting-edge training).
  • Unlimited access to management and business books summaries.
  • Complete training about Amazon marketplaces.
  • Personally trained and coached by an experienced colleague.
  • Attending seminars/events related to your work.



  • A 6-month training phase (including vesting)
  • All communications are done in English.
  • Knowledge of Dutch, German, French, or Chinese is an advantage.
  • Full-time work, 40 hours a week



    6 Months internship, full time, with flexible starting dates based on your university’s schedule. Our compensation is 100  Euro per month but we are a registered Erasmus+ organization and all interns in Europe can apply for the highest monthly grant through their University. 

  • Exciting environment

    Our office is the perfect place in which to express your passion, talents and develop your skills. We combine the essence of a corporate company with the spirit of a startup and don’t forget: both Foreign and Dutch speakers are welcome to join the team!


    You will get the opportunity to develop in the fields you find interesting. As an OFoundation trooper, you will be invited to several self growth workshops and Amazon training events. Applying for your internship means to both learn from us and to help define and shape the next growth steps of our organization.