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I am the chairman of the OFoundation and we have collaborated with MWLC that develops autonomous personal delivery robots. The prototype robot in their research lab is capable of  transporting approximately 10kg of goods independently. However, the personal delivery robot is still in development but OFoundation has the permission from MWLC to release the details about the self-driving robot for a self-build version. As the chairman OFoundation, I believe in the philosophy of innovative technology combined with social impact and therefore I convinced MWLC to have the software available for free to those who are building a non-commercial robot especially to have an ease of delivery during a pandemic and to areas which are less accessible. It reduces the spread of viruses and helps the infected people in need of groceries.The robot can drive tens of kilometers per day and is remotely enabled by a game controller. It is smart enough to cover a route along country roads and simple curves independently.

I strongly feel, with changing times, we as a society should be eager to include avant-garde technological choices that can positively impact our daily lives.


Massy Wahab

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Affordable to Build


Yes, that’s correct, you don't have to pay anything for the guidebook to build your robot.



Unique Features


75 cm long, 55cm wide and 60cm high

A battery that can drive up to 15 km

The robot can carry up to 10 kgs


Future of Delivery


PDR has already completed its first expedition.

              Robot enthusiasts have started with the construct of the first PDR.



Check out these steps which will help you conceptualise your Personal Delivery Robot. It’s time to exhibit some of your ninja technical skills or click on the link to read a more detailed PDF.


This website provides information intended to help people build a self-driving robot and to use it to contribute to the fight against the COVID-19 virus, for example by using the robot to deliver groceries or medication. The development of the robot is ongoing and it is not complete. The information on the website is subject to change. The website and the contents of the website are provided free of charge.

The robot as described on the website is a vehicle for testing software. We do not deploy the robot for applications that carry the risk of any kind. Please pay attention to the guidelines and suggestions given, also for the use and charging of the battery.  No explicit regulatory permission of any kind has been sought for the deployment of the robot.

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