Stichting O Foundation ("OFoundation" known to the public) has an ANBI status.

The information related to this can be found below:


RSIN: 850915132

KvK: 53529170



Tel: +31643585336

Address: Parkzichtlaan 214, 3544 MN Utrecht, Netherlands


Email address:


Stichting O Foundation, also referred to as OFoundation, is a non-profit organization.

Stichting O Foundation was founded by the contributions of young professionals, under 25 years old, from all over the Netherlands, including from the University of Amsterdam, University of Utrecht, University College Amsterdam, University Tilburg, Radboud University Nijmegen, and Hogeschool Amsterdam. An important contribution is made especially by the Erasmus students who, their work and vision, provide a dynamic working environment.

The foundation shall not hold on to more resources than is reasonably necessary for the continuity of the activities, provided for the purpose of the foundation. The foundation usually has one goal per year.

The Graduate Internship Program is our goal for the past years. This program is all about recruiting and training interns. The foundation helps the volunteers connect with partner organizations, where they get the opportunity to gain working experience, work on their network and grow professionally. Internships are supported by a supervisor who monitors and coaches the performance of the tasks entrusted.

OFoundation works with Universities that provide Erasmus+ grants to their students. All interns get an Erasmus+ grant from their Univerity plus a Bonus as a volunteer contribution from OFoundation.

Board Members:







 Remuneration Policy:

  • Board members of OFoundation are not compensated for their efforts on behalf of OFoundation.
  • The OFoundation Graduate Internship Program is a voluntary program and the interns are compensated with a reasonable volunteer contribution determined by the Belastingdienst.
  • Stichting O Foundation is registered at the European Commission for the Erasmus+ program. European Union students are eligible to apply for the monthly grant through their University.