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How the Other Half Dies

by Susan George George examines and disputes two popular ideas: first, that there is not enough food, and second, that the world is over-populated. She argues that the planet could easily feed its present population and many more.

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MicroFranchising: Creating Wealth at the Bottom of the Pyramid

by Jason S. Fairbourne, Stephen W. Gibson, W. Gibb Dyer This book is a must read for business scholars and economists, practitioners and lenders, members of NGOs dedicated to poverty alleviation and anyone else who is interested in learning about an innovative, business focused tool to alleviate poverty.

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Recomended articles

Brautigum, D., Expert Group on Development Issues (2000). Aid Dependency and Governance. Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell International Daly, H. E. (2005). Economics in a full world. Scientific American, 293(3), 100-107 Dione, J. (2008). Sustainable Development Report on Africa: Managing Land-Based Resources for Sustainable Development. Economic Commission for Africa. Feigenberg, B., Field, E. M., Pande, R.…

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